Responsible Conduct in Research

Judith Curry posts this pointer to the National Academies Press book “On Being a Scientist: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research“.
It’s not clear to me why anyone thinks scientists would be in special need of ethical instruction. Surely, the common virtues of honesty, responsible use of resources and respectful attitudes towards one’s colleagues, as would be desirable in any walk of life, should guide scientists well enough? All the more remarkable that this book seems to be directed at postgrads. Undergraduates aren’t in need of ethical guidance? Or is it that those who move on into postgraduate research careers encounter norms of behavior that leave something to be desired as examples of ethics?
Coincidentally, Praj has just posted a quote from Evelyn Fox Keller:

“Science is first and foremost a domain of opportunism”

Might that be a clue?


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