The March of Reason

Just as a follow-on top my last post on The March of Intellect, I move attention from nineteenth century England to twenty first century America and the similarly titled The March of Reason which is a series of videos by Scott Burdick. They total five hours and I have only watched short snippets, but they seem to be largely based on documentary footage from the 2012 Reason Rally.

Burdick portrays reason as the basis of atheism which seems odd to me. I’m not religious and although I was supposedly raised as a “christian” and have played along with the mumbo-jumbo often enough, I don’t think I ever believed. That, however, is an expression of how I feel about myself. It has little to do with reason. I can rationalize my lack of belief as well as anyone, of course, but I find it rather boring and pointless to do so. That is probably why I didn’t feel the need to watch much of Burdick’s movie.

Nevertheless, when one person’s reluctance to pay lip service to another person’s prescribed expressions of belief is used as an excuse to denigrate or marginalize that first person or even deny them justice, then one needs to take a stand. The rationale for that, however, is one’s faith in the principal of equality before the law and the standards of behaviour that follow rationally from it, not one’s right to teach evolution, say that homeopaths and chiropractors are charlatans or make fun of religious symbols or rituals.

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