Jet d’Eau

Falling unannounced into the city and armed only with a map from a hundred years ago, I set off, hoping to find in the city’s physical form clues to the origins of my own preferences and limitations. At the head of the rose angle, on stone plinths still bearing the stumps of railings long since…

Anarchism and the State as a Technology

Noam Chomsky and Bob Black offer contrasting forms of anarchism with very different attitudes to democracy. Black’s version may be more coherent as anarchism, but Chomsky’s might have a better chance of altering the trajectory of human social evolution.

The Blake Feyerabend Hypothesis

Timb Hoswell’s “The Blake Feyerabend Hypothesis” is an intriguing work that makes a case for taking William Blake seriously as a seminal figure in the philosophy of knowledge and suggests an interesting synthesis with the philosophy of Paul Feyerabend.